What our valued clients are saying


James H.

Pleasant Hill, CA

"If you’re the type of person that dreads going to the auto mechanic as much as the dentist. Then you can worry no longer because Pat and his employees are honest, no up-selling and fair priced. I’ve had a lot of work done here for our family minivan and have been treated respectfully and fairly every time. You just don’t find the type of service like this place anymore. It seems like other small shops still try to get a extra dollar from you by telling you to replace different parts but you won’t find that here!Take your car here and you won’t be disappointed! Great folks and even better service!”

Ken M.

Richmond, CA

"Very professional shop felt comfortable while they did the work was going to asked them to spot weld all the sections but there was no need they already did it before I said anything. I had installed exhaust from catalytic converter back it was too long. They cut it down and fit it perfect even asked me if this is what I wanted very pleased."

Linda W.

El Sobrante, CA

"I just had my ’72 GMC worked on by the team at Midway Muffler & Brake. They did a fantastic job in fixing the items I came in with (especially the more challenging items). Any developments were communicated in a very timely manner so I was able to make an informed decision about the direction I wanted to go. I’m very happy with their work and I will be going back for more of their services!"

Janice F.

San Francisco, CA

"Don’t be fooled boys and girls. Just because the name of the biz is “muffler” doesn’t mean they can’t do any other types of car repair. And their pricing is AMAZING!!! So here’s my story. I was introduced to this spot 4 years ago. I drive like a bad ass, so my brakes go bad after two years, each and every time. My dad did the first brake change and um, he did a sucky job. Sorry dad. So I decided to go to Midway for the 2nd brake change and all 4 brakes cost me $190. And guess what, they did such an awesome job. . . its been 4 years and the brakes are still good. They definitely put quality parts in my car."

"Now my car has reached 95k already, and its timing belt, water pump, and front strut time. So I called around, some places wanted $1,500 to $2k. I called Midway and they said $1k. OMG, of course I’ll go here, so they did my work and called me up. Told me my alternator and radiator belt is close to snapping. Oh crap, how much more will that be? Only $100 more and they did a radiator fluid change too. Ah, so awesome. So I’ve been driving and after a month, one of the belts started making noises and its already been 30 days past warranty. Oh, I was worried whether they would charge me for bringing it in, but guess what. They didn’t! The belt just loosened up and had to manually be tightened. Took them 5 minutes and I was on my way."

"So the moral of the story is, Patrick the owner, his pal Tom, and mechanic Randy and two more fellas are the best, sweetest and awesome guys ever. I am forever a loyal fan, so I hope you become one too. Check them out. . . they are honest people who know how to run a business, for sure!”

Robert B.

Richmond, CA

"Went here to have an exhaust leak fixed. I told them the problem and they put my car on the lift to see what they could do. Ron (I think that was his name) explained what he was going to do and in a few minutes all done! Very satisfied with the customer service and work. I wouldn’t hesitate to have work done there again. Support your local shops. Thanks again!"

Daniel E.

El Sobrante, CA

"After reading the reviews I went to midway. I always read the bad ones first then the good. Makes me a little angry at times when someone bashes a company but does it based on what they have to pay. GET A GRIP IDIOTS… Do you go to work for free? Anyways I was treated very well at midway They did exactly what I wanted and treated me good. Gave me a ride home and then back again, They were all very kind and Happy people. I was able to voice my concerns about what I’ve seen at other places and no offense was taken and the quality of work and parts were the best you could expect. This Is a good company and I got what I paid for and then some…. OH yea and my 2011 GMC SIERRA sounds awesome and looks sick… Thanks Midway"

Keith D.

Benicia, CA

"So I finally got the headers I wanted and brought my truck in to get the custom exhaust job done. When I picked it up I was very very pleased, it looked great, all the pipes were run very neatly, and the truck sounded AMAZING!!! I know Randy did his very best on it and I am very pleased. The next day, I really crawled underneath to see his handywork, and I must say I am very impressed. All the hangers are in the right place, using top quality equipment, the pipes are run beautifully, and all the welds are top notch. My truck runs 10X better than it did before, and I recommend Randy to do your exhaust work anytime. He cares about his work and it shows."

Vanessa B.

El Sobrante, CA

"We have been taking our vehicles to midway Muffler for the past 4 years. Unfortunately for us we have needed their services for various repairs from a tune up and brake checks to a catalytic converter replacement and much more. They have always been extremely helpful getting our vehicles back up and running in a timely manner (usually by the end of the business day) and for a reasonable price. If your looking for an honest, reasonable repair shop this is the place! I highly recommend them for all of your repair needs!"



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